About us

Some Our Best features

Migaty Hotels, the home of new luxury, finds positioning in the serene and peaceful city of Uyo, and operates from the metropolis with a trendy youth vibe that is charged from its quiet but high energy environs. From the muted soul lounges to the hyped bars, lit swimming area, and high comfort rooms, the Migaty Hotels accords a relaxation experience that draws you back for more.

Serene Environment

Well lodged in a quiet corner of the peaceful city of Uyo, the Migaty Hotels operates in a safe and secure environment, unperturbed by noise pollution, with security personnels well trained to ensure visitors safety 24/7.

Accesibility managment

The Migaty Hotels is accessible, with excellent road network. It is about an hour away from the airport, which gives any traveler a firsthand city tour to experience the beauty of Uyo, Nigeria's Best Kept Secret.

Entertainment Support

The fun is never ending as every part of Migaty has a novel experience to offer. No matter your personality or preference, there is a part of Migaty curated to suit your needs.

Facilities at peak

The Migaty staff are highly trained professionals, and all facilities are of top notch quality. Newness and excellence bleeds through every aspect of our hotel, making it the best location to rejuvenate and come out brand new.

"Your journey awaits"

A long day doesn't have to be, or end, draining. Take rest, have a drink, connect and meet, and keep your energy at its peak in the Migaty lounge.

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